At HJM, we handle all kinds of iron and metal scrap from individuals as well as professional businesses.

We handle scrap within

  • Iron
  • Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

This means, we as scrap dealers will cut and collect, sort and repurpose all sorts of iron and metal from machines and electrical motors to train wagons and railway tracks etc. in order to ensure that all by-products are handled with environmental care.

Whether you are a private company, industry, municipality, waste management company etc., we will collect your scrap to make sure that the handling of the scrap is done according to applicable regulations.

In other words, we give new life to your scrap. This is done by converting the scrap into new materials. At the same time, you will always experience the best scrap prices on the market when dealing with HJM

Pickup arrangement

If you can’t deliver the scrap yourself, HJM have a pickup arrangement. We take care of the entire process from the beginning to the end, and we pick up and process the scrap according to applicate regulations. This arrangement is made simple and convenient for you, and the price is determined from the beginning to avoid any changes or surprises during the process. All you need to do is contact us and we will discuss your options.

Quality, environment and fair prices

HJM aim to be the best scrap dealers on the market. Therefore, high quality, environmental awareness and competitive prices are among our core values. This ensures that our machine park standards around the country, along with ongoing development of our coworkers and of course environmentally aware handling of scrap, are all key components in the strategy behind HJM.

Feel free to contact us for a noncommittal talk about purchase, pickup or general questions concerning scrap at or +4549217546