We handle scrap with care and consideration. This is the baseline in everything we do, from cutting and picking up to sorting and repurposing along with environmental regulations and transaction.

We strive to be leaders within our field and we prioritize values such as foresight and sustainability, seriousness, trust and satisfaction.

From our scrapyards in Helsingør and Korsør Harbour we receive, process and forward materials to all of Europe and provide you with the best possible arrangement.


HJM Recycling is among Denmark’s leading companies within our field. This didn’t happen overnight. Our roots go back to 1974 and our position is created through an alloy of hard work, experience, innovation, steely determination and clarity.

We believe in long-term business relationships based on open trust and integrity. For us, good service is not something we talk about; it is a matter of course.

In Denmark, we operate from Gedser to Skagen. But we also aid numerous companies beyond Danish borders and within the EU while also having massive export of refined products to several countries in the Far East.

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